HVAC Upgrade Of Queen Of Surrey

During the mid-life upgrade of the BC Ferries’ vessel Queen of Surrey, Tri-Metal designed, manufactured, supplied and installed a complete new HVAC system. The new system consists of all the necessary deck and bulkhead penetrations, coamings, dampers, duct work, grills and registers. Tri-Metal also designed and manufactured exhaust fans and custom air handling units.

The ferry’s original equipment and controls were replaced with 11 modular air handling units, eight exhausts fans and a computer control system. Deck 5 was fitted with a new ducted distribution system featuring a strategically located air volume control for crew comfort, and a perimeter duct heating system for passenger comfort in winter. The Deck 6 crew quarters and wheelhouses were fitted with their own independent HVAC system for maximum crew comfort.

Tri-Metal also installed a secondary fresh air system to provide independent air to the control room. The control room, day room and workshop supply ducting and exhaust ducting were upgraded to meet Transport Canada Marine Safety requirements.

The four main engine room supply fans were overhauled and fitted with explosion proof motors. Engine room relief air vents were fitted on the fiddley grates. And the fan rooms were fitted with Tri Metal axial ventilation fans. Finally, Tri-Metal supplied and installed a completed car deck ventilation system consisting of 32 Tri-Metal axial fans, distribution ducting and eight side shell and eight exhaust louvers.

The Queen of Surrey is the fourth ferry on which BC Ferry Services Inc. has employed Tri-Metal’s expertise to upgrade the HVAC system.

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